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We at Driving School Liverpool can offer you a choice of female or male instructors. All our instructors are trained to our exacting standards and use all the latest client centred learning techniques, tailored to your individual requirements (as per DVSA guidance).

Our patient and highly trained instructors will tutor you in all aspects of driving, including pass plus, motorways, night driving, adverse weather, coping with distractions, navigating the Mersey Tunnels, whether you choose manual or auto.

We pride ourselves on our excellent pass rates and that 90% of our business is generated by recommendation from successful pupils. To become a safe driver for life contact Carol or Ian to discuss your requirements.

Owner, Driving Instructor & Instructor Trainer

Carol Hetherington

Before becoming an instructor I was a Civil Servant and then a Senior Operations Manager in Banking. Although I enjoyed my role in banking, the birth of my children made me look at my life differently. I needed more flexibility as I was missing out on too many important life events! So over 10 Years ago I re evaluated my life, left the bank and took a leap and became an Instructor. During this time I undertook additional training and became an instructor trainer, then in 2016 when the boys were older, more independent and less demanding I decided to set up Driving School Wirral. I love teaching people to drive as it gives them more options in terms of work, freedom to see friends, family, and have a more varied and active social life. Becoming an instructor trainer I have been able to the change lives of the instructors who can now have both greater standard of living and a greater work life balance!

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Operations Manager

Ian Moran

I began my career with the civil service in 1979, it was only meant to be a temporary job whilst I worked out what I wanted to do with my life! In 1995 I met Carol whilst we were both working for the department. I undertook numerous roles within the department until I took early retirement in 2015 to spend more time at home supporting the boys with their studies and enabling Carol to expand the business. I continue to support the boys with their studies and undertake all of the operational support and administration that is involved with running the business.

Driving Instructor & Instructor Trainer

Caitlin Godfrey

My career began in the Civil Service working in Training where I learnt how the impact of change and learning new skills can make people feel. I realised the learning experience could be uncomfortable and usually came from an earlier experience. I moved into teaching working with children with specific learning needs to help promote an early positive learning experience. I learnt the value of how others learn and how to overcome barriers. In fact, there are no barriers just different ways to look at things. My instructor training came after realising I was a nervous driver and that my daughters were reluctant to get in a car with me. I took lessons, my theory and driving test again and understood why I was nervous. I was hooked then and enjoyed driving again. My drive is in helping others face barriers, look at ways to manage them and use those strengths in driving.

Digital Media Coordinator

Laura Stredder

After finishing my degree in Media, Culture and Communications at Liverpool John Moores University, I was faced with the daunting, yet exciting, challenge of finding my very first full-time job. I am a creative and innovative person, so I knew I had to find myself a position that enabled me to use these skills daily and to develop them even further. After searching for what seemed like forever, I found DSW’s advert and instantly knew this could be the challenge for me. Using the digital skills I already have, I will be developing the portal further by adding to the existing content, for example filming how to safely tackle complex routes, junctions and much more. This will further expand the online learning platform and support the in car and instructor training, enhancing teaching and modernising the learning experience for customers. I am so excited to begin this new chapter of my life and career and I am so glad it is with a team like DSW.

Lead Driving Instructor & Instructor Training Support

Phil Gray

I began my working life in the insurance business. I worked for Swinton Insurance for many years but after realising I could set up on my own and be equally successful I left the company and established my own insurance broker business. However after getting married to the wonderful Sue and having 4 children I decided the stresses and strains of managing my own business was impacting on my family life and it was time to find a better way to have a work/life balance.

I met Sue, my wife in my early twenties, in town around Christmas time and after a bit of chasing I took her out to a curry house for our first date. Now we have 4 kids, 5 grandkids and I love spending time with my family. After I had my 3rd son Mark, I decided it was time to get that work/life balance I had been craving, so I took the plunge and left to recharge my batteries. This is when I found driving instruction. I had found my calling!

I was an independent driving instructor for 14 years and then joined a driving school for 12 years for further development and to be amongst a team.

Although I was working with a group of great people, I never really felt that we as a business were doing anything different and although I enjoyed my job I felt like there was something missing and we could be doing more for our customers.

I then heard through another driving friend of mine that another local driving school was doing some pioneering training for their driving instructors and customers and they thought it might be something I would be interested in, especially since I was about to embark on helping my son Carl become an instructor.

It was a twist of fate how I met Carol, but as soon as we did meet we quickly realised we had already met years ago through an old friend, this was the legendary Trevor Kearon, sadly no longer with us but what an instructor trainer he was and has had an huge impact on both of our lives!

I originally wanted help from Carol to help my son, Carl become a Driving Instructor. But as soon as I met Carol and heard about Driving School Wirral and the values it stood for, I realised it aligned with who I was and the type of driving instructor I was and wanted my son to be. It was a no brainer really, we chatted, underwent a series of development and training exercises together and I joined up with Carol. We have now established ourselves here across the water as Driving School Liverpool and Carol, Carl, Matt and I are working really well together.

I love working with the Driving School Wirral, Liverpool and Chester family. We all share tips and techniques, working together to be the very best driving instructors we can be for our pupils!

Driving Instructor

Matt Diggines

I have had a number of different jobs, but when it comes to my career it always seemed to be involving vehicles and it always comes back to something driving related except my first jobs where I worked in the Insurance Market in the City of London and then for Alcatel who make phones now but in those days made photo copiers and fax machines – and managed a large fleet of leased cars for the sales team..

I actually learned to drive in 1988 and later that year joined the army where I spent the next 13 years driving all different types of vehicle across different environments and countries such as an armoured vehicle across the desert to a big American car across the US.

When I left the army I became an HGV driver and although most of it was working for retail chains I have also delivered fuel, parcel freight and shipping containers.

However I decided needed to find a career that I gained as much enjoyment from during the day time as I did in my leisure time with friends & family so I decided to look at my skill base.

This is when I began my journey to become a driving instructor and have never looked back. I began my career as a driving instructor with another company and although they were a great group of people, like Phil I always felt there was something missing and we could be doing more for each other and our customers.

After hearing about Driving School Liverpool through a friend, I knew this was the company for me. I approached Carol and undertook a period of training and development to learn new skills and techniques and how to implement these techniques to create safer drivers for life in a fun and engaging way that would stay with our pupils forever.

To be honest this is what I love about being part of Driving School Liverpool, we are always sharing ideas, undertaking training and developing new content for our online driver training Portal to keep things interesting for us and our customers. I want to create safe drivers for life and improve standards to make sure the roads in Liverpool and surrounding areas are safe for all within our community.

Driving Instructor

Chris Dowling

I began my career in the Civil Service, working for various departments, but due to staff cuts I sadly had to leave. From there I did a lot of different jobs, trying to find something I enjoyed, but this was difficult as I really didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I trained to be a tattoo artist, did a stint in the armed forces, but was still not happy. I decided to enter in to transport, within the removal industry, where I stayed for twenty five years.

With old age setting in and the knee joints creaking I knew I needed to embark on something, totally out of my comfort zone. Then when the pandemic hit, that reinforced the idea of becoming a driving instructor, so here I am. In between all of the above I even found time to fit in five children, most of which are now grown up.

I met with Carol and instantly new that Driving School Liverpool was a school I wanted to join. Their family values aligned with mine and I knew I’d enjoy working with this great team!

Driving Instructor

Alan Morris

I started work in the civil service on a short term contract which suited the 18 year old me perfectly, especially as I had no idea what I wanted to do. Some 20 years later I found myself still working there. I had moved around many different departments but it was when I was in the passport office when my wife and I, who at the time had one child together realised we could not afford another unless I moved jobs.

So I applied and got a job at the airport in border force. With the pay rise our family was completed a year later. The job was good and interesting but it was demanding especially on family time as I covered 24/7 shifts. I knew I had to change something!

It was then a friend asked me “Didn’t you want to be a driving instructor a few years back?” He then went on to tell me that his sister in law left her job to do this. It gave me something to think about and I was sitting in the airport one Saturday morning handcuffed to a crook thinking ‘I need to change my life.’

So I sought out his sister in law and she put me on the pathway to becoming a driving instructor. This job has given me the joy and freedom I’d always wanted, I love that I can always be there for my family! I love meeting new people and get a buzz out of seeing people progress, grow in confidence and get out on the road! After hearing about Driving School Liverpool I decided this was the time to join a driving school that matched my values! I am a driving instructor who wants to teach people how to drive safely!

Driving Instructor

Mark Naughton

I am married with 3 beautiful children. I live in Liverpool. I love spending time with the family, going to the park or visiting museums and other family trips. I have lots of hobbies when I get the time with having 3 young children, I enjoy hiking, running, playing squash, playing golf and watching football.

I decided to become a driving instructor after I was made redundant from a well-known supermarket. I was looking for a better work life balance. I worked there for 23 years. I did various roles within the company from general assistant to department manager to store manager in the express format to becoming a Deputy manager in the larger superstore format. Over the years I worked in 12 stores from the Wirral to Warrington. But I was looking for a new career path that I could transfer my skills to and do some good! I love driving and it made my travel to work so much easier. I see the benefit that driving brings and wanted to help others have that freedom!

I look forward to seeing you on the road and making the roads a safer place for everyone.

Driving Instructor


Meet Lynsey, your friendly driving instructor based in Liverpool. Lynsey’s passion for teaching others to navigate the open road stems from her own journey. Ever since she passed her driving test, she knew she wanted to empower others with the same skills.

Lynsey’s career path initially led her into the caring profession with aspirations of becoming a paramedic. However, her heart pulled her back to becoming a driving instructor. As a proud mother of three wonderful kids – aged 24, 19, and 9 – Lynsey understands the demands of family life. Juggling work, household chores, and ferrying the kids to various activities is all in a day’s work for her. Not to mention, her two furry companions add an extra dose of joy and chaos to the mix!

Lynsey’s approach to driving instruction is rooted in patience, empathy, and a genuine desire to see her students succeed. Whether you’re a nervous beginner or looking to refine your skills, Lynsey provides tailored guidance every step of the way.

So, if you’re ready to embark on the journey towards becoming a confident and responsible driver, connect with Lynsey today! She can’t wait to be part of your driving adventure.