Motorway Lesson & Tunnels Programme


Can be undertaken once the pupil is close to test standard or has passed their driving test.

Lessons after 5pm and at weekends will incur a £2 premium per lesson.
Pre paid lessons to be taken within 6 months of date of purchase unless agreed in writing with an instructor.
Please do not make a payment until we have confirmed we have availability to meet your requirements.

Using the M53 (on a normal driving lesson) it introduces the principals and procedures. This longer lesson allows the individual to travel South towards Birmingham on the M6 or North towards Scotland. We can adapt a lesson to go towards a favourite family holiday destination or place of work such as ahead office. This increases confidence of motorway driving as the individual will encounter much higher speeds and significantly busier traffic (with more lorries, wagons trailers, congestion and road works to navigate).

Many people are daunted at the thought of driving through the Mersey Tunnels. Combining this exercise with the motorway lesson will give every new driver confidence on how to enter and exit the toll booths and tackle the lane changes required to and be in the correct lane to arrive safely at your destination.

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